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Major site update: Have a look for yourself... :)

Upgraded webhosting for higher bandwidth

May finally get a chance to work on more Quests (fingers crossed)


'Finished' "The Triquetra" by MACE

'Finished' "Quest for Quinzen"


Added "Carag Eight Peaks", adapted by Dewayne Agin

'Finished' "Hasgar's Amulet" by Markus Sandberg

Quest for Quinzen & Cellars of Blood


Added the Portuguese Translation of "Rescue of the Princess"

Added "Rescue of Lord Nallus" by Dewayne Agin


Updated the Portuguese Translation of "The Slave City"

Updated Kellar's Keep (typo)

Updated Jacob Busby's "Tears of Times Passed" (typo)


Drathe recently shared some files with me. Apparently a magazine was published in Brazil, "Drag„o Brasil" that featured all new HeroQuest adventures. I have painstakenly translated them (FYI, I am NOT bi-lingual), ergo pain in the butt....

...but anyway. I have the first of five ready for your enjoyment; So, enjoy!


I have been updating the website somewhat. I now have a Contest sub-section, and have cleaned up some of the 'questionable' Quest locations.

Some Quests that have been added or updated:


  • Journey to the Bottom of the Crypt, by Adam Taylor
  • Search for the Sacred Chalice, by Kari Ranta-Ojala
  • The Necromancer's Lair, by Dewayne Agin
  • Son of the Dragon, by Sinhue Baez

  • The Rise of Ramiah, by Jesse Sikes (still a work in progress; awaiting tile re-makes)


As you may have noticed, I have been updating the website somewhat. I now have a Fan-Made Quests section, with subsections for Single Quests, Mini-Quest Packs and Full Quest Packs

Single Quests are self explanatory. (The covers should have a B&W image with white border.)
Mini-Quest Packs will contain 2-5 Quests with little or no major changes. (The covers should contain a B&W image with a color border.)
Full Quest Packs will have 6+ Quests and will often have some rule or play changes. (The covers should contain a color image with a color border.)

Some new Quests that have been added:

  • Brigands Beware, by: BA Christie
  • In the Dust, by: Black Drazon
  • Starter Pack, by: Carlos
  • The Arena & The Tears of Times Passed, by: Jacob Busby
  • Werewolf's Reign, by: Ken Goodson
  • Shipwrecked!, by: Zeno

  • The Attack on Oakdale, by: Dewayne Agin
  • The Black Plague, by: Henri Kwakman
  • Hasgar's Amulet, by Markus Sandberg
  • The Chaos Twins, by Sean Hrncir

Preview Samples:

  • The Rise of Ramiah, by Jesse Sikes

Coming Soon:

  • Quest for Quinzen, by: Anonymous
  • Dwarf Quest Pack: The Dragon's Lair, by: ChaosOrc
  • Into the Goblin Ranks, by: Roman

A small update to The Imperial Academy has been made.
If you are the Game Master, please enjoy! HOWEVER, if you are a Wizard Player wishing to advance in The Imperial Academy, there are items here that you may not wish to see in advance (i.e., Quest Maps).

Please come back often, as this summer looks promising to getting a lot of these items completed!!


The Sword of Zalmir, by Mortimer has been added and is now 100% complete and ready for download!!


Heir to the Black Banner is now 100% complete!!

The Imperial Academy is still a work in progress. I have new card backs for the Archmage classes and will be included with final supplement. Stay tuned!


The following are updated and are 100% Complete (Finally!!)

The Instruction Booklet
The Maze
The Main Game
Kellar's Keep
Return of the Witch Lord
Against the Ogre Horde
Wizards of Zargon
The Barbarian Quest Pack
The Elf Quest Pack
The Dark Company
Growl of Thunder
Running the Gauntlet
Plague of Zombies
Revenge of the Weather-Man
The Eyes of Chaos
Return of the Witch Queen

Drathe's "Prince of Thieves"
Drathe's "The Mind's Eye"
Drathe's "Vengeance for Vengeance"
Agin's Inn Single Quest Contest

Local Legends: Volume I


the much anticipated MASTER INSTRUCTION BOOKLET!!

The Halls of Durrag-Dol and The Inn of Chaos are updated, but not 100% complete (yet).

I also have an image ready for Drathe's "Heir to the Black Banner" Quest Pack. However, the link DOES NOT WORK as of right now. The Quest Pack is not yet complete, but should be done shortly and available for download. Stay Tuned for More!!!!!

Update 6/29/08

Appararently there were some problems with Kellar's Keep, so I have uploaded a different copy. I hope that this one works!

The following Quests/Quest Packs have been updated:

"The Eyes of Chaos"

"The Inn of Chaos"

"The Halls of Durrag-Dol"

"Revenge of the Weather-Man"

The Barbarian Quest Pack: The Frozen Horror

"Running the Gauntlet"

"A Growl of Thunder"

Update 6/19/08

I have completely converted Against the Ogre Horde and Wizards of Zargon to the US/North American format. I am completely satisfied with the Ogre Horde, however, I still need to update the Vector Icons for the mages in Wizards of Zargon. Hopefully, it will be soon. Check back often!!

Update 5/26/08

So far, I have the following files 100% Complete to my satisfaction (barring any unforseen errors):

Main Game System Quest Book
"The Maze"
"The Eyes of Chaos"
The Original Instruction Booklet
Drathe's "Vengeance for Vengeance" Quest Pack
Drathe's "Prince of Thieves" Solo Quest
Drathe's "The Mind's Eye" Solo Quest
Agin's Inn, "Single Level Contest entries"
Kellar's Keep
Return of the Witch Lord
The Plague of Zombies

Update 12/10/07

Drathe's Quest Pack, Vengeance for Vengeance is now complete!

Dark Company has one more revision to go and it will be uploaded and complete.

My Quest Pack, Eve of Chaos, has an update.

Master Instruction Booklet still a work in progress. More updates to follow.

Update 10/31/07

I've been working on a few things...

1) Master Instruction Booklet - Not yet completed, Appendix A= 75% Complete

2) The Dark Company: Ring of Brillance - Complete, not yet uploaded.

3) Remake: "Vengeance for Vengeance", by Drathe - 80% Complete. Awaiting more vector files.

Update 8/24/07

Updated the Monster Chart with Derfel Link's new vector icons and altered the stats for the Ogres from Against the Ogre Horde. Now 100% Complete.

Updated the Master Instruction Booklet Preview. Started compiling the Appendices. Appendix A now 25% complete.

Update 8/17/07

Made some spelling corrections to The Original Instruction Booklet and The Barbarian Quest Pack.

Added new vector icons to The Halls of Durrag-Dol and Revenge of the Weather-Man.

Made minor corrections to A Growl of Thunder and Return of the Witch Queen.

Uploaded a preview for The Master Instruction Booklet. I will hopefully have this completed in the next couple of weeks.

** I'd like to add a special thanks to Riccardo for being persistant with the correction to A Growl of Thunder. Thank You!! **

Update 7/24/07

Well, I have more updates!!

The following are pretty much done (they will be 100% done if/and/when I get Derfel Link's stamp of approval with the new vector icons/tiles).

The Elf Quest Pack

The Halls of Durrag-Dol

The Eyes of Chaos

Running the Gauntlet

Inn of Chaos

A Growl of Thunder

Revenge of the Weather-Man

Wizards of Zargon

Now, I'll try to finish up my Master Instruction booklet, et al. Wish me Luck!

Update 07/16/07

Barbarian Quest Pack is 100% Complete!!

Monster Chart and Halls of Durrag-Dol Updated!!

Update 07/10/07

100% Complete with Against the Ogre Horde

100% Complete with Monster Chart

Updated Barbarian and Dwarf Handbook Covers (added Melee Magethrie)

Update 06/29/07

Got quite a few updates...

The Main Game, Kellar's Keep and Return of the Witch Lord are 100% Complete!

Eyes of Chaos, Running the Gauntlet, Inn of Chaos and Revenge of the Weather-Man have been updated and are 98% complete.

The Dark Company Preview has been updated.

The Player's Handbook Cover for the Wizard is complete.

I have a new quick reference chart for the monsters uploaded and newly available.

I now have the first draft of Eve of Chaos uploaded and available here.

Update 05/31/07

These files updated...

The Halls of Durrag-Dol

Running the Gauntlet

The Eyes of Chaos

Plague of Zombies

Revenge of the Weather-Man

Inn of Chaos

Update 04/23/07

I have a 99% Complete version of "The Maze", "The Gathering Storm" and "The Plague of Zombies".


New Adventure!!

The Plague of Zombies

Update 02/15/07

*Finally got Wizards of Zargon (or Mages of Morcar, if you prefer) re-designed in the US format.

Update 1/08/07

Finally was able to fix the link for Against the Ogre Horde. I still have a ton of spelling errors and format corrections to make. I will post updates and fixes as I have them. Please be patient and please check back often. Thank you!!

Update 9/26/06

* Added Inn of Chaos

* Added The Maze

Update 9/12/06

* Added Tiles for:

  • Elf Quest Pack
  • Barbarian Quest Pack
  • Main Game
  • Against the Ogre Horde
  • Return of the Witch Lord

Update 9/11/06

* Reformated Quests Table

* Added a row for "The Maze" (The very easy first quest for the UK version)

* Changed the cover for Base Quests

Update 9/11/06

* Changed Barbarian Quest Pack: Inserted New Cover

* Changed Elf Quest Pack: Inserted New Cover

* Changed A Growl of Thunder - Solo Quest: Reworked cover page.

* Added Running the Gauntlet - Solo Quest

* Added Tiles for Wizards of Morcar.

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