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Official Quests
The Maze The Main Game System Kellar's Keep Return of the Witch Lord Against the Ogre Horde Wizards of Zargon The Barbarian Quest Pack: The Frozen Horror The Elf Quest Pack: The Mage in the Mirror The Dark Company

"The Maze"
Original 1st Quest (Euro Edition)

The Gathering Storm
Original 14 Quests

Kellar's Keep
1st US/Euro Quest Pack

Return of the Witch Lord
2nd US/Euro Quest Pack

Against the Ogre Horde
Euro only Quest Pack

Wizards of Morcar (Zargon)
Euro only Quest Pack

Barbarian Quest Pack (US)
"The Frozen Horror"

Elf Quest Pack (US)
"The Mage in the Mirror"

The Dark Company (Euro)
13 part 'Advanced Quest'

Unofficial Quests
Running the Gauntlet A Growl of Thunder The Inn of Chaos The Halls of Durrag-Dol The Eyes of Chaos Revenge of the Weatherman The Plague of Zombies

"Running the Gauntlet"
by: Dave Morris

"A Growl of Thunder"
by: Dave Morris

"Inn of Chaos"
by: Greg Frewer

"The Halls of Durrag-Dol"
from White Dwarf #134

"The Eyes of Chaos"
by: Carl Sargent

"Revenge of the Weather-Man"
by: Ken & Joe Walton

"The Plague of Zombies"
as seen on the back of The Adventure Design Kit

Unofficial Quests from Foreign Publications (Translated to English)
The Magic Sleep The Rescue Rescue of the Princess The Slave City Slumbering Monster

The Magic Sleep
by: Roberto De Moraes

The Rescue
by: Di'Follkyer

Rescue of the Princess
by: Unknown

The Slave City
by: Roberto De Moraes

Slumbering Monster
by: Roberto De Moraes

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